Attachment, detachment, meaning

The Earth is an exile for the Soul. Being alive, embodied, implies a mismatch between the personality and the Soul. A search for the balance between attachment and detachment.

To be able to detach ourselves, and letting go, first of all we need to grasp, embrace what happens in our life. Feel it to heal it.

Attachment, detachment and meaning of life are present in Edward Bach’s philosophy. They are expressed in the two big groups in which the 38 floral remedies are divided. There is a complementary polarity between them.

The first 19 remedies (12 healers + 7 helpers) work with the attachment in life. They help us to feel what we do not feel and need to feel to integrate the lessons we’ve come to learn in life and develop the qualities of the Soul. Therefore, they help us to embrace and embody.

The second 19 flower remedies work with detachment in life. They facilitate us the integration of  the lessons that every life experience holds. They help to transcend suffering, let go, and grow up.

The observation and the study of these two groups in a complementary and parallel way, show that they express the life cycle from an emotional and spiritual learning perspective. We must drive our energy towards feeling, focusing on what we feel. The more varied range of feelings and emotions we experience, the more nuances we find in them, the more balanced we are.

The heart is a teacher. The mindful and serene listening to the heart connect us with the beat of our Soul. When  personality and Soul vibrate and resonate in harmony, this temporary exile of the Soul on Earth is enlighten by seeing its meaning and purpose. Aware that the meaning in life is outward, and in relation to others, everything we do in our passage through this world, let’s do it with love.



Elena Lorente Guerrero


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