The path of Light

‘I believe the universe is an evolution;
I believe evolution proceeds towards spirit;
I believe spirit, in human beings, completes itself in the personal;
I believe the supreme personal is the Universal Christ.’

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin –


 * * *

Dear friends,

We have left behind the shortest and darkest day of the year with its longest night to, once again, re-birth in the Light.

But the Light is not a destiny. Living in the Light is a choice, a starting point, and a path. A path of awareness and responsibility to develop our full potential; to grow and evolve in wisdom, goodness and love.

Being generous, being grateful and finding ourselves in the service of others are the instruments that will best guide us to remain serene, focused, oriented and attentive on the path of Light.

To live in the light is to learn about giving with heart and soul, without conditions. Giving with no trace in our memory, without waiting for recognition or reward.

Living in the Light is also about learning to receive with a humble and open heart, ready to sculpt the gifts that are given to us so that we always have the opportunity to re-cor-dar (remember) with gratitude.

It is true that advancing in the path of Light we are also assailed by the shadows, the doubts, the fears, the uncertainties that subtle and insidiously come to suffocate and deafen the communication with our Soul.

Everything in nature has its form, its geometry, its structure and its function. A harmonic pattern that makes everything fit and flow in a precise and perfect way.

Bach flower essences give us light when the shadows assail us. They are amplifiers of consciousness; they act by empathic resonance facilitating the process of remember what we are, in Essence. In this way, our personality, our Spirit and our Soul vibrate again in harmony,  in balance, in the Light …

Here it is this magnificent conference by Julian Barnard on the hidden geometry of flowers. Available HERE.

As J.Barnard says, in order to see we need to develop a new way of looking …

* * * 

Live a bright and meanful 2018,

Elena Lorente Guerrero


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