Living inspired

“Have you ever seen the sun or the moon insisting?
Have you ever noticed them striving in heaven?
Did their light ever trembled or was not there for a single day?
No … the sun and the moon did surrendered in the sky
And they just held themselves being what they were … ”

Fco. Javier Expósito Lorenzo, juegos de empeño y rendición. La Huerta Grande

* * *

How to live without enthusiasm, without hope, without hugs, without dreams? …

What is living but inspiration? Not only in the strictest meaning of the act of taking in air, breath in. To inspire is also brighten the soul.

If we are able to spend five minutes to breathing in a calm and attentive way at the beginning and at the end of the day.

If we are able to approach this daily practice with the curiosity of a child and the wisdom of the elderly.

If we are able to marvel ourselves when we contemplate how the dream of the mind-body duality naturally vanishes out in our inner self and around us.

If we are able to be awake to feel ourselves ONE for ten minutes a day … Do not we try to increase those ten minutes? Maybe they will become twenty, thirty, …, or a vital constant.
Photo by JM SOLÉ


When light brightens the soul, what we truly are is revealed in a loving way, with no effort. What we truly are, can only be and is, in relation to others.

May our inner self, our soul live in the light of consciousness, love, hope, and genuine gratitude and generosity.

May us live inspired, connected with ourselves and with others in a peaceful, respectful, kind and compassionate way.

Elena Lorente Guerrero

* * *

“People who have no hopes are easy to control,
and whoever has the control has the power.” Michael Ende


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  1. Lovely Words Elena, with such a true meaning which perfectly describes how we should see life and the way we should live our lives making us feel really fulfilled X

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